How I became a Spiritual Speaker

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In the late 80’s, I was going through a deep transition in my life; trying to find my purpose, being a single mother and working to set up life that would lead me to a better one. I made it through a 6 year relationship that should have ended after 6 months.

While working for the telephone company my son would go to daycare. I was in my 20’s doing what most 20 something year olds do —— partying and numbing my emotions with substances.

I knew then that my search for meaning and Spirituality went beyond the average yearning.  I truly wanted to know the meaning of life ——my Divine Purpose of Living.

I woke up one day to find a bottle of vodka in my gym bag and I knew it was time to make a paradigm shift.  I put myself into AA.  There I found Mary, my mentor of many years and the person who first introduced me to A Course in Miracles.

Finding the meaning of True Love is experiential and takes a commitment of purpose that goes beyond romantic or the trivial.  It is about finding unconditional love at a depth which includes all humanity— the Oneness of the Sonship, of all Beings… finding their way back home.

I realized that I am only the Essence of Pure Love and only I could extend this True Love to myself and others.  The search for anything outside myself seized, the search for someone or something to fulfill my needs simply vanished. Of course there are some semantics involved; however, the Miracle in living in “The Power of Now”, in a constant state of Love without fear, is the key to living a life of “Inner Peace”.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my Divine Purpose was to lead each person back to remembering that we are all the same —- Pure Love.

In 2014 my marriage ended. It was a 3 – 4 year divorce process that taught me about self-care and the importance of loving Self and others.  I did everything I could to make my heart and soul happy and to bring joy to others.  I listened to my intuition and I trusted in the journey.  I followed my heart and just did it!

I also went through some very hard times in every sense of the word—mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.  The ego took a real beating and reality check.

One day I woke up on a yoga mat and I asked God, “ What do I do now, Father?” and the answer came as loud as it was clear… “Sell everything and LEAP!” And so l did. I finally let go of an over-2-decade real estate career! Even if it wasn’t the best time to sell, I sold my house and all its contents, with exception of my artwork and a few precious necessities.

And here I am with no regrets!

To leap into Holy uncertainty takes one steadfast giant stride, unwavering courage and whole lot of TRUST.  If one is meant to be a Spiritual Teacher, Divinity will tell you and make it clear as a bell.  The Divine will send its calling card to you and at the moment it is ripe for your heart, mind and soul to receive and devote its instructions.  Living One’s Divine Purpose is the gateway to Inner Peace, Ultimate Joy and the Channeling of God’s Guidance for all Beings on Earth.

Christina Hepburn

Dec 18 2022